Membership 2024 


£ 20 .00

/ year
  • includes partners residing at same address
  • juniors up to the age of 21  
  • Digital or printed membership card 
  • KDMC Monthly Bulletin


£15 .00

/ year 
  • Single Membership for Individuals over 21 
  • Digital or printed membership card 
  • KDMC Monthly bulletin
  • Membership Runs till Jan 31 2025

Under 21


/ year
  • Anyone under 21 
  • in Full time education or vaild NUS Card 
  • KDMC Monthly Bulletin
  • Digital or Printed Membership Card 

Join Now and Membership runs until 31 Jan 2025


KDMC offers the following Membership:

Single Membership at £15.00  (For Individuals aged 21 or over)

Family Membership at £20.00  (Includes Partners & Children  also including up to age of 21) residing at the same address.

 Age 21 or over, Single membership is required.

 Juniors who are currently or will become members via Family Membership and who wish to compete, MUST have separate Junior membership.


Junior Membership FREE (See below)

 All under 21s and anyone in full time education with an NUS membership card have free membership and pay adult membership from 1 January following the date they become 21 or cease full time education.  Forms must be completed, signed and returned prior to membership being granted.  

For more details contact the Membership Secretary:

Margaret Mullen      Tel: 07979 791862

or  email: 

if you cant join online, click the form to download