KDMC  are involved in most forms of rallying; - on public road or on private land and in the ‘forests’.

 Historic Road Rallying

Generally take place during daylight hours and comprise two main competitive elements:-

Regularity road sections;  crews have to maintain prescribed (low) average speeds, which are checked by means of secret intermediate timing points.

Drving tests; held on private land where the crews have to negotiate a given route as fast as possible.

These events are a good test of teamwork in maintaining the average speeds and negotiating the tests successfully. Since 2004 KDMC have organised such an event; The Tour of Cheshire, see www.tourofcheshire.co.uk for more information.

 Members regularly compete in similar style events throughout the UK, generally run as part of the HRCR (Historic Rally Car Register) Clubmans Championship.

Road Rallying

A number of members of KDMC are regular competitors in road rallies throughout the UK, these events take place through the night on quiet lanes and are a tough test of driver and navigator to go the correct way and visit all the checkpoints in the required order.

KDMC organise a 12 car each year that is like a mini-road rally and runs on a Friday evening. This usually takes place during November.  A very good event to sample road rallying.

Stage Rallying

There are a variety of different formats of Stage Rallies:

Single-Venue, where all the Stages are in one location and comprise tarmac, gravel or a mix of the two surfaces.

Multi-Venue, typically a forest event, which visits several forests during the event.

KDMC organise a national level forest stage rally, which utilises some of the classic forests of mid-Wales; The Plains Rally, see  www.plainsrally.co.uk   for further details

Targa Rallies

These comprise a series of tests (either at a single venue or a number of different venues) where the crews have to complete the route, over a mixture of surfaces, as fast as possible in vehicles which require little or no modification from your standard road car. KDMC are organising a Targa rally in 2017 for the first time. More details see www.knutsfordtarga.co.uk