More properly called Navigational Scatter Events, and provide a simple introduction to using maps and basic timing.  Whilst sometimes referred to as Scatter Rallies - they are NOT rallies.

Who can enter?

- Anyone with a club membership card.

What do you need ?


- A reliable car. If you have auxiliary lights fitted, then you’ll either have to remove them or cover them so they can’t be used as they are not allowed by the regulations.

- Decent footwear, as you’ll probably have to jump out of the car to find the clue.

- A good torch to help find the clues in the dark!

- A watch. There is only an overall time limit and big penalties if you overrun the allotted time.

- A relatively soft (2B,3B or even 4B) pencil to mark the locations on your map(s).

- An eraser to remove those mis-plots.

- A romer - this little piece of plastic is used to accurately plot the map references.

- The appropriate Ordnance Survey  Map for the event.


Once you have been given your list of locations, you then spend some time plotting all the points on your map(s) and then decide which of the points to visit. You are only required to visit 75% of the points which have a variety of scoring points allocated to them. The crew with the highest points collected within the time allowed wins.

KDMC run a championship, known as the Twilight Championship consisting of seven events, of which your best five scores count.